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ELATORG s.r.o. can give you access to all railway networks, either directly with the railway operator or by partnering with experienced and trusted service providers, to build your individual door-to-door solution. Whether you already have a direct rail access or require pre- or post-carriage options, we can provide them together with other service offerings such as cargo handling, warehousing, distribution and customs clearance.

ELATORG s.r.o.’s rail solutions offer coverage throughout Europe and all CIS countries as well as China via both the Trans Siberian or Central Asian routes, depending upon your specific transport requirements.

ELATORG s.r.o. adds to your supply chain strategy.

ELATORG s.r.o. can complement all the other ways you move your freight. Blending rail with other types of capacity works when you have higher volumes in longer shipping lanes. And, as with all our freight services, you can use our technology to gain business intelligence across the entire supply chain, even when your freight moves on the rails. A mix of rail and other services means you get the right capacity, at the right time, in the right place and momentum across your entire supply chain.

Leverage our railroad relationships to your advantage.

Each Class 1 railroad has a unique route in. Each has conditions that either you or your ELATORG s.r.o. marketing company (IMC) must meet to use those routes. Some Class 1s lease containers; others require you or the IMC to own the containers to use the rails. We are the only IMC that has relationships with all of the Class 1 railroads. We offer you the best of all worlds: our own fleet of containers, plus access to third party assets for your use. That gives you more capacity across more routes, for a supply chain that’s ready for just about anything.

Streamlined to Accelerate Your Advantage.

Rail options can play a crucial role in your supply chain. When you work with us, you have access to one of the world’s largest transportation networks. Not to mention access to processes developed for improving supply chains, and our technology, for visibility to your entire supply chain. You can turn this combination into your supply chain advantage.

Statistics and Market Data on Rail Transport

In this section, we present the most relevant and up-to-date facts relating to the railway business.

In the 18th century, the introduction of James Watt’s improved steam engine heralded a new era: the Industrial Revolution. More and more countries began to plan and finance an increasing number of railway tracks and stations. Rail traffic can be broken down to passenger rail travel and cargo rail transport. While commuters and tourists prefer to travel in passenger rail cars, cargo is typically transported by freight cars. The world’s leading markets for cargo rail traffic include China, the United States and Russia. The United States is also home to the world’s largest railroad station: Grand Central Terminal, at 42nd Street and Park Avenue in New York, has 44 platforms serving 67 tracks. However, the busiest train stations are situated in Japan – one of the most densely populated (large) countries globally.

Although many approaches to privatize the industry have been initiated, the industry continues to be dominated by state-controlled incumbents. Along with China, Japan is ranked as the largest market for passenger rail traffic.