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The logistics companies are responsible for a lot of global movement, transportation and deliveries. A lot of us may not be aware of how important the logistics industry is. If we didn’t have good logistics companies, we probably wouldn’t develop as they handle a lot of import and export around the world. They are responsible for bringing events to your cities, bringing materials to large construction projects and even responsible for getting your parcel on time. Logistics companies have become so common that we don’t take too much time to think of their importance.

Logistics handle a broader scope of movement. Some of the companies here handle land transportation, shipping, trading, delivery, export, import and a lot of other things. It takes a lot of skill and responsibility to make sure everything goes smoothly and is delivered on time.

Shipping: Container shipping has become one of the most lucrative and efficient means of transportation. Connecting ports from one corner to the other, container ships have shaped the way many businesses operate nowadays. The benefits of this transportation method, introduced nearly six decades ago, are undeniable: lower shipping costs, increased safety, and a wider variety of products and goods that can be transported by water. There are virtually hundreds of shipping companies worldwide, big or small.

We Going the extra mile for you!!

When it comes to logistics, there are three parameters that matter most: destination, speed and cost. With these in mind, we create your tailor made solution for shipping anything, anywhere, anytime. Be it by rail, sea or road. But ELATORG s.r.o. likes to go further.

ELATORG s.r.o. is a dedicated team of international freight forwarding professionals going the extra mile for our clients. We operate in a highly competitive market and are committed to offering the best value in the business. Time and again we aim to exceed your expectations.

We are reliable freight shipping company that provides you with flexible and reliable transportation services from LTL less than load to whole freight containers. Our shipping company provides you several shipping options, the low cost savings of rail transportation, vans, and decks throughout Europe. Being one of the strong freight shipping companies, you can expect high industry standards when dealing with our company.

We strive to offer you guaranteed shipping services via trucking companies with a broad portfolio of shipping options including LTL freight carriers Europe throughout the mentioned markets. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are committed and dedicated to meet all of your logistic goals. We provide you with dependable and quality services with the customers needs always first. We will organize a strategic logistic plan tailored for your company with our high quality trucking services. You can always be assured you will be charged an honest price for shipping your cargo. By continuously meeting our shippers needs ELATORG s.r.o. has created a strong customer base within the trucking and shipping industry.We offer international shipping services with LTL options. Our carriers are C-TPAT Security Criteria and ISO certified.



ELATORG s.r.o. offers transport solutions for full container loads (FCL), lesser container loads (LCL), roll-on, roll-off vehicle transportations (RoRo) and break bulk (BB).


Whether it's full truck loads, seafreight container trucking, parcel deliveries or collections or dedicated trucking: ELATORG s.r.o. offers it all.


ELATORG s.r.o. can give you access to all railway networks, either directly with the railway operator or by partnering with experienced and trusted service providers.